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The Protect 1203 will detect different types of radio transmitting equipment and inform you by way of a bargraph indicator or silently by a vibrating indicator. Currently there are a lot of commercially available surveillance devices that allow you to pick up different information from your office, apartment or car. These bugging devices work within different frequency ranges and have different modulation and scheme types. They may transmit using standard modulation as well as non-standard.          

The Protect 1203 can detect all of these bugging devices when in active mode. You can test premises, cars or any type of items; including office equipment. You will also be able to check people for body-carried transmitters. You may perform covert sweeping using the vibrating indicator. In such cases you can carry the Protect 1203 about your person and stand in close proximity to a potential threat. If the vibration starts near a certain place, this indicates that the radio field is higher and there is a RF device.          

The housing of the Protect 1203 is made of a durable duralumin material, which protects the device from being dropped, humidity and other unfavorable conditions.



  • GSM间谍手机
  • GSM检测器/GSM警报/GSM窃听器
  • GPS追踪器



  • 主动检测各种无线发射设备
  • 检测模拟和数字信号
  • 使用者可以找到发射源
  • 工作频率范围10-3600MHz
  • 10段光柱指标器,可精确测量无线发射装置级别和确定窃听装置的位置
  • 外置天线,可更换
  • 耐用的铝合金外壳
  • 用两节7号电池(AAA)供电
  • 高灵敏度










 最高145mA 最低65mA












  • Reliable and tested device for different sweeping tasks
  • Detect both analogue and digital transmissions
  • Allows the operator to locate the source
  • 10-segment indicator of RF level
  • Vibrating signal for concealed indication of a high RF level Adjustable sensitivity
  • Frequency range 30—6000 MHz
  • Durable duralumin case
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries
  • High sensitivity
  • Last version includes the 'CITY' antenna; allowing the device to avoid interference from external sources in cities or near broadcasting towers etc.



  • Searching for active radio transmitting surveillance devices (or RF bugging devices) in premises, vehicles and items
  • Room, body-carried, telephone and car bugging devices can also be found by the device
  • Discovering the improper use of mobile phones and other communication equipment for picking up conversations. The information in this case can be transmitted to another phone or recorded onto an answering machine. Detection of GSM bugs, 'spy' mobile phones and mobile phones in an active state (for illegal transmission of conversations)
  • Detecting of harmful emissions from the GSM-jammers or mini recorder suppressors
  • Detecting of harmful emissions from microwave ovens, communication antennas and other electronic appliances



  • Frequency response: 30 - 6000 MHz
  • Power supply: 2 × AAA / LR3 / R3
  • Power consumption:
    • with one green segment on: 65 mA
    • with all the green segments on: 80 mA
    • with active vibrator: 145 mA
  • Continuous operation: Approximately 10 hours