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Modern communications give varied possibilities of information exchange. At the same time these devices can become a dangerous tool for picking up information illegally. A reprogramming of your mobile phone, installing spyware in it, the substitution of it, or being given a modified telephone will all give other people access to the data in your handset, or the ability to listen to all conversations around you from anywhere in the world. Such illegal actions can be accomplished without any signs on the display being shown or sound signals being heard.

The GSM-SAFE 3 has been designed to detect the illegal activation of a mobile phone. In addition to this main function, the GSM-SAFE 3 also creates interference to the surrounding area of the telephone’s microphone by generating ‘white noise’ when radio-waves are detected; this noise suppresses the microphone in the telephone rendering it useless.

GSM SAFE 3是被用来保护您谈话的设备,在您的手机被修改或者改变的情况下。它被设计成一个木制的手机桌面收纳盒。
它的功能包括一个内置的无线电频率检测器,一个预制控制方案和一个手机处于激活状态时的噪音发生装置。因此,把手机放入GSM SAFE 3后,它能提供24小时的全面保护。一般的手机来电可以以通常的方式应答,因为你会听到来电的铃声或者振动,不需接听只需挂断。当您的手机被‘间谍’监控后,陌生人可能在您不知情的情况下,通过手机监听到您的谈话。当手机放入GSM SAFE 3后,如果手机被激活,它将自动开启噪音发生装置,监听者只能听到它发出的噪音。此时,内置的LED警示灯也将闪烁。



GSM 900/1800, CDMA 850, WCDMA 2100 (3G, UMTS) and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth



  • 内置RF无线电检波器和噪声发生装置能及时针对‘间谍’手机软件自我保护
  • 对人体健康没有影响(无电磁波)
  • 兼容GSM 900 / GSM 1800 (PCN) / GSM 1900 (PCS) /CDMA 850 / 3G
  • 兼容几乎所有类型的GSM电话
  • 内置LED警示灯



 检测无线电协议  GSM 900/1800, CDMA850, WCDMA2100 (3G, UMTS)和 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
 产生干扰的无线电频率范围  300-5000 Hz (白噪声)
 电源 3V, 2节AAA电池 
 电流消耗  1.2mcA/50mA (待机/激活)
 外形尺寸  102x84x74 毫米



2 working modes:
 1) DETECT – warns you with the help of the LED when the telephone starts an exchange of information;
 2) NOISE – in addition to warning the GSM SAFE 3 will produce audio interference which suppresses the telephone’s microphone
Accurate and sensitive detection of GSM 900/1800, CDMA850, WCDMA2100 (3G, UMTS) and Bluetooth by an intelligent algorithm of the microcontroller
This latest version turns on automatically when a telephone is put inside and automatically turns off when the handset is taken out
Indication of detected communication protocol by the color of the LED
Produced as an attractive wooden desktop stand
A new more sensitive scheme of detection with pre-selectors provides a better detection distance
Long battery life of up to 10-15 days when used moderately
Does not block the mobile network in the area
Has no adverse effect on health (no electromagnetic waves)
Compatible with virtually all types of GSM telephones (max width 7 cm, practically any height and thickness)
Built-in diode for indication of the active mode and kind of the detected protocol

The GSM SAFE 3 has been created as an attractive desktop stand to protect your conversations in case your mobile phone has been modified, changed or has pre-installed spyware software. Its features include a built-in radio-frequency detector, a controlling scheme and a noise generator which can turn on when the phone is active. The GSM SAFE 3 automatically turns on when there is a telephone inside it. Normal calls can be answered in the usual way since you will hear the telephone’s melody or vibration and simply remove it from the stand. Hidden ‘spy’ activations do not produce any sound or vibration and this is where the GSM SAFE 3 will warn and protect you. In the event of a ‘spy’ activation the GSM SAFE 3 will alert you with the help of its LED and can automatically turn on its noise generator (NOISE mode) so the listener will hear this sound only.

Detected protocols: GSM 900/1800, CDMA 850, WCDMA 2100 (3G, UMTS) and Bluetooth
Frequency range of generated interference, Hz: 300 - 5000(white noise)
Power source: 3V, 2 × AA
Dimensions (without antennas), mm × mm × mm: 102×84×74
Current consumption: 1.2 mA / 50 mA (stand-by/active)



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