MNG-300 Rabbler
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MNG-300 Rabbler
MNG-300 Rabbler


Was designed by TSCM/countersurveilance professionals and will protect you against all types of eavesdropping when used in correspondence with the recommendations.

Employs a new approach to the problem of conversation protection. Uses a new, speech-like noise which, in the most of cases, has proven to be more efficient when compared to white noise.

The noise has been 'compiled' using real human conversations and is similar to the noise of a 'rabble' in busy public places. This type of noise is the most effective when creating interference to voice recorders and listening devi- ces, especially when the size of the protective device is critical.

Is a portable, cigarette-pack sized device which can easily be transported in a pocket or a small bag.

Has been specifically designed for situations when the safety of conversations is extremely important on the one hand, and on the other hand the protective device should be as small as possible to allow easy transportation while not giving away your intentions.

As the Rabbler is always nearby, it can easily be taken out and used anytime with the slightest chance of any information leakage.


MNG-300 Rabbler创建一个额外的干扰保护,屏蔽你的发言内容。本设备的扬声器产生一种由八国语言混声而成的“噪音”环境,这个环境覆盖整个人类的声音频率。噪声水平适合时,分离这种噪声是不可能的。

本设备的外壳采用了性能可靠地金属材料,非常结实耐用,保证了设备的使用寿命。MNG-300 Rabbler外形尺寸接近一包香烟大小,为了不引起注意甚至可以装入烟盒内。产品标配内包含皮质外套。



MNG-300 Rabbler是一种提高谈判安全等级和防偷听、反录音的设备。当你正确使用MNG-300 Rabbler时,它将针对以下设备,保护你的信息安全:

  • 录音机(磁带式和数字式)
  • 麦克风,无线麦克风
  • 听诊器,远程激光窗口监听器
  • GSM无线发射器等



 工作原理  白色噪音
 电源  9V碱性电池
 外形尺寸  2.7 x 5.5 x 8.6厘米
 控制键  电源开关,RESET键
 指示光标  光柱显示器(10段)
 标准配置  主机,皮质外套,电池,使用说明


Kinds of listening devices rendered useless by the new MNG-300 “Rabbler” Edition:
Voice recorders
Radio microphones
GSM/3G “bugs”
Body-carried video cameras - watches, ties, etc. (jamming of acoustics) Wired microphones
Recharged by USB (cable supplied)
Any other type of audio surveillance

The MNG-300 Rabbler creates additional barrier interference which masks your speech. It is when a certain noise level is reached that listening devices will record or transmit information, it is extremely difficult, or impossible, to extract the speech component. Since the generator creates a 'speech-like' noise, the cleaning of this sound is extremely difficult or most likely impossible, if the level of noise is sufficient.

The housing of the unit is made from a very reliable material and is extremely durable, guaranteeing a long life for the device.

The size of the MNG-300 Rabbler is comparable to a pack of cigarettes and can even be carried inside one in order not to attract attention, although an attractive leather case is supplied.



Please note that the MNG-300 Rabbler is just a tool, complementing and reinforcing the measures taken to protect you from eavesdropping and recording. First of all the security of your conversation depends on yourself, and later from the device. Therefore, during sensitive negotiations it is important not to increase the volume of your voice. Imagine that you are sitting in a crowded coffee shop and do not want to be heard by the people at the next table; that means your speech should not be too loud. If possible, lean forward towards your interlocutor or sit closer to each other, then place the generator on the table between you.

It is not advisable to use only one MNG-300 Rabbler if the number of participants is more than 4. In this situation, it may be necessary to use one or two additional devices. Also, while in use do not hide your generator, e.g. in your pocket or a bag! Your conversation should be "drowned" in noise; therefore the unit should be as close to the speakers as possible.



Frequency range, Hz: 300 - 3600Power, V: 9
Current consumption, mA: up to 120
Controls: Power, Volume Indicator, Level
Dimensions, mm × mm × mm: 85×53×21